1) Register with iHub Global - 

Starting July-17-2021 Ihub Global will give out FREE RAK MINER. You don't have to buy to join.

If you buy the Miner for $500, you will get 50% of mining monthly.

If you get the FREE miner, you will get 10% upto 40% of mining monthly. You decide.

Commissions will be the same for your referrals.

a) Reserve your Miner today, from the Left Menu (iHub Hotspot Miner For US/CAN - 915MhZ)


b) After Reserved a Hotspot (take sometimes, about 5 minutes), make sure go to Provision My iHub Orders to update your Shipping and Installation Address for the Rak before Ihub can ship to you. SEE VIDEO


2) In a few months, when you have received your Miner. You will need to VALIDATE your Miner. Step by Step Here


3) Download Helium App from Appstore

a) Create HNT Wallet from your App -
        (Write down your 12 words and keep it in a safe place. It's your keys)

b) Copy & Paste your HNT Wallet Address to the Commission Back Office in iHub

Share your HNT wallet address from Helium App and send it to your email

Copy the wallet address from your email and paste to "My eWallet" in Commission Back Office "Commissions" of your iHub account

Sign in your account at:

*This is how they will pay you See Video


Place the Rak Miner by the window, connect the power supply, using the Helium app on your phone to set up the Rak Miner with Wifi,
Leave it and Forget about it. It will generate money 24/7/365. You will get pay monthly by HNT to your phone.
Open an exchange to send your HNT to, and sell it to get USD.


After received your iHub Hotspot Miner, follow the link below to setup

How to setup your iHub Hotspot Miner

Outdoor Antenna Upgrade if needed